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Meet Your Brewer

Blackbird Botanica’s Master Brewer/Founder is nothing more or less than a brave-hustling woman that is in love with her family. 

   Rayvin is one who believes in her family’s lineage of praying and healing. Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, she was influenced by her Creole culture.
Since the age of 12, Rayvin was always busy with a brand new and sometimes old, enterprising endeavor. She’s an author and also does freelance photography. She’s dipped and dabbed in all most any and everything.  She’s even a certified doula, (one live birth under the belt, not too bad). 

  She became a certified ICTC Full Circle Doula in 2012. In learning of naturopathic methods, she fell in love with the taste and body of tea.
Her favorite tea was a breast milk tea which kept her going on to breastfeed her two babies for a total of 4 years.
 There was never a fascination with any tea in particular until January of 2020, when her husband and her kids, as well as herself, fell sick with severe cold-like symptoms.
With what was the only thing that alleviated the symptoms (after 30 long days of the worst cold she’d ever experience), Rayvin developed the premiered product of Blackbird Botanica, Brave’s Brewed Manglier Tea. Her family’s remedy.
“To live 100 years ago, is to live for 100 years.”