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Q. Why does Brave’s Brew work?

A. The active ingredient in Brave’s Brew is Baccharis Oxide. Baccharis Oxide is a Triterpenoid. Baccharis oxide (the active ingredient in Manglier ) is a very powerful triterpenoid (highly multifunctional compound) with very strong antiviral capabilities.

The Baccharis genus is an important source of natural medicinal products and is well recognized in ethnopharmacology, pharmacology, and phytochemistry. Pharmacological studies are mainly based on the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties

Q. Does Brave’s Brew contain caffeine?

A. No. Brave creates a tisane. A tisane is a special made drink with herbal infusions and spices. No ingredients contain caffeine.

Q. How should I drink Brave’s Brew?

A. Shake well. Enjoy warm, at room temperature, or on ice. Let your body be the guide. Make sure you enjoy.

Q. How should I store Brave’s Brew?

A. Before opening, in a fairly cool dry area. After opening, in your refrigerator. Discard after 7 days. However, should be long gone by then :)

Q. How much should I drink?

A. Adults: Half a jar (8oz), 3x per day. Children over 12 months: 4 oz- 3x per day. These are symptomatic doses (if you’re ill). Always consult your physician.

If you are not ill, 1-2oz (shot) per night is a steady way to keep your immune system boosted. However there’s virtually no way to overdose on Brave’s Brew. Use your best judgment. When in doubt just stick with a shot glass. 

Q. Can I enjoy Brave’s Brew while pregnant?

A: Please consult your physician.

Q. Can I enjoy Brave’s Brew while breastfeeding?

A: Yes. There are no known affects. Increasing water intake is highly recommended.

Q. Can I use daily?

A. Yes. At recommended doses.

Q. How long will it take for me to feel well?

A. In case of emergency, please dial 911 or visit your local emergency room. Every case will be different. Traditionally, 3x3 is always recommended. 3 cups a day for 3 days. 

Should you have any questions not answered above please email info@blackbird-botanica.com