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Lazy Brewed Manglier Tea

Lazy Brewed Manglier Tea

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Introducing: Straight 100% raw and unfiltered MANGLIER TEA. (16oz)

This is a perfect way to introduce Manglier to your loved ones who may face any discomfort with Brave’s original ingredients— (cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cayenne, lemons, oranges & honey).

Again, this has NO additives, raw and unfiltered.
As most of us know, Manglier is a very bitter herb.
Natural bitterness, sweetened or unsweetened, indicates that great benefits are present.

The original Brave’s Brew’s bitterness is present —but our honey and other ingredients makes it very easy to enjoy. It’s ready-to-drink & DELICIOUS!

Lazy Brew, not so much. Unless you enjoy purely bitter tea.

It’s missing you.

Our NEW Lazy Brew allows you to be creative with your own blend!
We support you in starting new recipes and traditions with your family.
Just like we did with ours.
Add a lemon, add some honey, some of us add a couple of peppermints.

🟢🟡🟣This is a rebirth! Call the brass band! 🎶📣DO WHATCHA WANNA! 🎭

Stay well.

with love,


***Children under 12 months should never have honey or honey products***